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Monday 17 January 2011

Interesting Porridge

I thought that everyone loved porridge again. For goodness sake, Kate Moss eats it and she made wellies the must-have footwear just by wearing them. But this morning someone complained to me (of all people) that porridge was boring. My reply was a perfect demonstration of why I make porridge, not speeches. A few hours and a bowl of porridge later, here is the response I would like to have given.

“Where have you been?
Porridge is the new London, if you’re bored with porridge you are bored with life. But don’t panic, just get yourself to Providores, order the porridge, eat it, and then tell me porridge is boring".

This is Providores porridge.

A picture is meant to be worth a thousand words, but in this case it isn’t. You have to eat it yourself.
Part of the fun of this porridge is that it doesn’t taste anything like you expect it to. Especially if you haven’t read the menu properly. It is warming, creamy and tartly fruity, but not oaty, which is no surprise if you did read the menu and noticed that it’s called "Brown rice, apple, maple syrup and miso porridge with tamarillo compote". Bonkers - yes, boring - no. When did you last have tamarillo & miso in the same bow? It's also indescribably delicious, so I won't.

In case you don’t, won't or can't breakfast in Marylebone, Peter Gordon, Chef & owner of Providores has very generously explained how to make it.
"Basically, you almost over-cook organic short-grain brown rice. You make a compote from Granny Smith apples and maple syrup, and another from peeled tamarillos (a fruit from South America) and maple syrup. Once the rice is cooked, you whisk in some shiro miso (white miso) and organic soy milk* and bring it to the boil, then add the apple compote and cook for 5 minutes. Top it with the tamarillo compote and you're done".

I'm off on a tamarillo hunt. If this seems a bit extreme, there are easier ways to enjoy interesting porridge. Hint: Rude Health.

*Whatever you do, don’t show Nick this post, or he’ll go off on a soya rant.

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  1. I like this. And I want to eat it. Camilla, I will join you any time on your porridge voyage around London! And when I can't, I will read about it here. Tessa